Later – Stephen King:

How many novels he has written? Can he tell without blinking his eyes! Well, he is getting better and better with every successive novel. If you think he is just a horror writer you are grossly mistaken. This man has got immense talent and a gifted story telling, addictive prose which make any genre a fun read worldwide. It is a pleasure to read his new novels on the day of release, as I am doing for the third time in a row.

He is a young boy. Four years old. Very young. He can see people and hear them speak too. Not ordinary people but dead people, ofcourse. Immediately after the death their voice will be loud and clear and as the days go by the voice will fade and finally they are gone. They will simply vanish into thin air. Suppose a person has committed suicide by gun, he can see the person with the gun wound (with both entry and exit wound) and a torn and damaged face. The good thing is they won’t lie if he asks any question and won’t hide any facts either. His mother used him to come out of bankruptcy by listening to a death author to retell her the story. Her partner used him to save her career in the police force. Every dead one will vanish in the course of time, that is what I told isn’t? Hmm.. except one! Now this boy has a boon or curse? You have to read the story to find out.

Unlike most of Stephen King novels this is less than three hundred pages. Even for a novel like this, following a kid’s angle throughout the novel can be monotonous but he has made it another roller coaster ride. Another Stephen King’s novel in which he gives more value to relationships even in between all the horror drama. Story flows like a river and as usual Stephen King tries his best to make you believe the unbelievable. There is a sharp twist in the end of the novel , which nobody could have guessed. This novel has all the good ingredients for a Hollywood movie. If you are an SK fan, don’t miss this one!

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